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Dear Ladies, This Is Why I'm Hot

Dear Ladies,

On behalf of my brothers and myself, I want to apologize if we've ever burned you. See...our Father is the Sun, so we're the sons of the Sun, but many of us are just starting to see the light now. When our soul-ar energy kisses your ear-th, the creation process ignites. One little candle has the potential to blaze an entire forest. When I first discovered this power within the palms of my hands, I was so excited that I ran around lighting everything on fire. Because of my immaturity, things got out of control. Little flames grew into massive wild fires. Fortunately, the all-knowing Creator blessed you with two elements of nature, earth and water, the substance needed to extinguish my mistakes and heal yourself when necessary. The way we burned women, you would think we were arsonists.

Finally, a few of us decided to go to our Father to find out how to use our power correctly. Our Father had some Good News. Of the 5 elements of nature (earth, air, fire, water, space), fire is the only one that man has the power to create and with that comes great responsibility. There are two types of fires, uncontrolled (characterized by our youthfulness) and controlled (characterized by maturity and self-discipline). We discovered that controlled burning stimulates the germination of some desirable forest trees and ultimately renew forests. Thus, our fire has the power to spark growth in you in areas you didn't believe you could grow. And as both earth and water, you have the power to fuel our fire and stop it. What balance!

We were told that fire has 3 primary purposes in relationships:

1. To light the relationship: Our Father, the Sun, is responsible for lighting the relationship in its brightest hours and its darkest hours. His light is always shining, making sure to focus on one part of the relationship at time, but also remembering to light all of Mother Earth. When the relationship isn't looking bright, we were told to rely the other stars in our Universe and reflect our light indirectly if you aren't open to receiving it directly at the time.

2. To weld/shape the relationship: The direction of the Sun determines the length of the day. The length of the day in turn affects how people in certain regions interact with one another on a daily basis. In the same way, the amount of energy we put into the relationship will shape the direction it goes and how long it last.

3. To warm the relationship: At every moment, He gives 174 petawatts of solar radiation to Mother Earth, regardless if She is reflecting it back or absorbing it. We were told, to do our best to provide consistent unconditional love and energy, even during the coldest times of the relationship. Our Father, the Sun, never stops loving our Mother Earth no matter how cold it is. Even when He needs to get away for the Winter, He puts energy into the relationship to ensure that it endures trying seasons.

Again, sorry for any 3rd degree burns we may have causes. In the future, if we ever get heated, please remind us of the 3 purposes of fire.


Your "Blazing" Brothers


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