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God On Auto-Correct

Problems are simply questions without answers...yet. We tend to have a fantasy image of the world in which everything works out in the end and everyone lives happily ever after. But God's Word is not like Microsoft Word. God doesn’t automatically correct our mistakes as we write history with the ink of our decisions. Think of life more like the typewriters that our parents used. They had to correct mistakes they made for themselves; there was no auto-correct function. They used white-out to start anew.

Because of functions like auto-correct and spell check, some we have been spelling the same words wrong for years. In the same way, because of the false concept of God as someone/thing external that will forgive and clean up after us every time we mess up, we have continued to make poor decisions over and over instead of acknowledging that as a divine expression of The Author, we are co-authors, making us equally responsible for the story being written. It is our responsibility to collectively rewrite our history and forecasted destiny. We have to proof-read the world just like we would proof-read a paper:

1. Read the situation
2. Affirm what’s right
3. Identify what's wrong, and
4. Correct the problems

History is the most collaborative story ever written and we must each ask ourselves:
  • Will my contribution be timeless or tiny?
  • Will I be a comma that continues a thought or the period that ends one?
  • Will I question or exclaim?
  • Will I have a structured intro, body, and conclusion? or will I flow freely and poetically?
  • Will I continue someone else's story?
  • Will my story be worthy enough for someone to continue mine?
  • Will I have a conclusion? or will I be open-ended?
  • Will I critique what is? or create what isn't?
None of us know how much ink is in our pen so we must write before it dries. When we speak, God is speaking. But before writing, we must first listen, for God has a life sentence to communicate through each of us and it is imperative that the message is translated clearly for the world to read and understand. Otherwise, red ink will bleed on the pages as we seek to correct our errors.


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