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I Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Found

In 2001, my car was stolen at gunpoint. It was my first car. I worked, saved, and bought it used with cash. I only had it for a few days and I didn't get insurance for it yet. It was a sunk cost. Had I had something like LoJack, the police could have recovered the car before it was totaled.

LoJack is a tracking device hidden in a vehicle so that if it ever gets stolen, it can be recovered. A vehicle with LoJack is never lost because it is always in touch with a satellite that tracks its location. Therefore, the car is always redeemable.

There is a saying that "our body is just a vehicle transporting our soul" and like our cars, sometimes we feel lost too. Like a person looking for their (stolen) car in the parking lot they park in every day, we get this feeling that something isn't right. We're not where we're supposed to be in the lot of life.

Fortunately, the divine design of the Universal Manufacturer placed a LoJack in each of us. Therefore, even when we feel lost, we can rest assure that we can always be found. To be found doesn't mean to be at our destination; To be found is to know that we're going the right way en route to the divine destination within us.

The song Amazing Grace goes "I once was lost, but now I'm found", however, the only way to be ever feel lost is to cut off communication with our Source. In the same way that the LoJack is always transmitting signals between itself and the satellite, for us, the key to feeling on track is to stay in constant communication with our satel-Light however possible (ie prayer, meditation, journaling, etc). Know that we each have a direct connect to our Source. Therefore, you've got it and can always get it back.


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