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In-come is usually defined as the economic means someone earns through working and creating value. We typically earn in-come for some particular (expected) out-come. For me, in-come transcends money. In-come is the spiritual resource I allow to be poured into my soul so that I can create powerful out-comes in the world.

In July, I am preparing to leave my job and I won't be making an income. As the same time, I hope to produce powerful outcomes. I believe that the outcomes that I want to create in the world can only manifest if I let go of income and everything I had to do to earn it in order to create a clearing for those new outcomes by freeing my time. At this point, I must substitute my financial income with a spiritual in-come that feeds my creative Spirit which I have faith will result in financial income in the long term.


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Jullien's Purpose Statement

My purpose is to help as many people as possible reach their full potential by helping them making a living doing what they love and in the process of doing so achieve my own. I want to do this through writing, speaking, and creating offline and online spaces that facilitate conversations around purpose.

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