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We live in a po-lite world where nobody wants to step on another person's toes or hurt another person's feeling. To do so is considered trust-passing or in-true-sive.

In The Tree Inside the Seed, I talk about a seed that knows deep inside it is a tree. But imagine if that seed was alway po-lite. If that see was po-lite to its shell, the fertility within it would never blossom for the world to see. If that seed was po-lite to the soil top it would never break free of the darkness that engulfed it underground and therefore never see mo' light. If that seed was po-lite to the forest canopy, it would never get the sun light it needed to survive.

So for me, in-true-sive means to speak the truth that is within me. Being in New York for the past few months, I have seen artists transform public spaces into their stages. I have seen break dancing, guitar playing, singing, preaching, and drumming in the subways. These artists are committed to speaking their truth to whoever will or has to listen. In most cases and to some people, these acts are considered to be intrusive to people ipod shuffling through life or sleep walking. However, to move the world forward, we must in-true-d and expand its current boundaries by challenging what is considered normal and truth. There are ways to be po-lite without stealing other people's light. What are we afraid of? (See associated image)


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