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The music in-dust-try is exactly dust trying to stay alive. At this point in time, I think the best strategy for musicians in the Radio Head model which is to allow the customer to pay what they want for your songs or your album via your website. If they choose not to pay anything, at least you have their email address to update them about your upcoming shows or latest blog entries. Shows is where the real money is at and a blog allows your listener to build a relationship with you.

If I were a musician I would focus on relevance over revenue. That's been Lil Wayne's strategy and he became the 1st solo artist to sell "a milli" in his first week since 50 Cent's Massacre in 2005. How did he do it? Easy...

1. Create like crazy:
He made countless mix tapes and featured on over 75 songs to maintain his buzz.

2. Drop a mix tape:
...but call it an album when your buzz is at its height.

If I were an artist I wouldn't even use iTunes. I would allow people to download my album for free from my website. They can listen to the low-quality version on the site or give me their email address to get the high-quality version and then I would send them a zipped file of the album (with screen savers and other free stuff). When they come to my site to get the album, I would give them to opportunity to donate a little something something as well. Now I have their email address and can build an intimate lasting relationship with them so they can get to know me for real through my blog and travels. People sell records via other sources and can't reach back to their fans. This way builds a 1-on-1 relationship with them with no middleman.

Below are 7 articles that musicians and all artists need to consider going forward as we try to make a living doing what we love:

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