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Potluck NY #09 was hot!...literally.

All that positive energy is that little living room made summer feel like sauna. The two little fans couldn't blow out our flame.

The hottest fans were us, the newest fans of upcoming 16-year-old MC, H.A.C.K. (of all trades). Check him out at H.A.C.K. shared his passion as a young artist and his desire to link with producers who were about making original music. He blessed us with an a cappella version of his song "What I am".

Speaking of what I am, who were were as group could be defined by these words: investment banking, Brooklyn, MTV, fashion, MBAs, entrepreneurs, grad students, rappers, writers, Sugar Bar, real estate, Bronx, high school student, producers, hedge funds, Mark Echo, Bay Area, filmmakers, philosophers, academians. With 8 newcomers last night, the New York potluck family has grown to 50 people in 9 months. We're catching you Palo Alto ;)

The conversation flowed into making money with friends and how to not let money get in the way. The wisdom of crowds says put it in writing, make sure to put the company's mission first, determine what needs to get done short-term and long-term and let people self-select out if they can't honestly uphold their fair share.

The feast consisted of baked chicken with cream of mushroom sauce, brown and white rice (no discrimination's all love), veggie tofu with broccoli, and greens. For dessert, we had strawberry ice cream popsicles.

The free book exchange had some Malcolm Gladwell, Eckhart Tolle, and SunTzu, among others.

It looks like the next potluck might have to be outside at a park...That would be new...and nice.

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  1. Funny Girl. Says:
  2. appreciate your leadership w/ these events, Julien! :)

    As always.



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