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The History of Independence Day REMIXED

Education as Ed
America as Eric
Britain as Britney
Native as Nat
Africa as herself

My grandfather Ed used to tell this story every year. Now I know it by heart and I pledge allegiance to it. The day was July 4th, 1776. Baby Eric ran away from his abusive mother Britney. Britney was crazy, but she thought she was great. Despite her size, she had a heavy fist, hitting him over the head with taxes and acts. Unlike most parents, she made Eric pay excessively for the necessities of life such as paper, glass, and tea. Following an earlier massacre, Eric got fed up, took all her tea, and threw a party. She got mad.

Britney thought this was an intolerable act. Eric thought it was common sense. He declared his independence at 13 and left home with a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a red coat. He should be in his adolescence now. The last I heard was that he grew up to be more abusive than his own mother. As much as he tried not to be like her the more he became just like her. Ironically the place he lived was called New England but he still had the old England mindset. He couldn't escape her or himself. Destiny always manifests. After Eric revolted against his mother, he went to live with his older brother Nat. He abused Nat and his distant sister Africa. A bastard child, he grew up with no guidance or direction. All that mattered to Eric was freedom...for himself at least.

Hence Independence Day, the day Eric became free at the expense of the rest of the world. Compared to everyone else, Eric is still young. He had to grow up fast...a little too fast if you ask me...but it's not all his fault. He's dealing with the quarterlife crisis, a stage of life that every 23 decade-year-old person deals with. His money is tight. He doesn't know his identify. He needs purpose. All of the things that helped him get this far in life aren't working anymore. The world is flat and changing faster that he is willing to change. That boy has so much potential. I've seen glimpses of hope. But as long as he tries to be independent and do everything on his own, he will fail. Life is not's inter-dependent. It's bigger than Eric and his ego. That's the lesson he has to learn if he wants to actually become as great as he already thinks he is.

To be continued...

Britney dropping Eric when he was a baby


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