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In nations where people have excess time, energy, money, resources, and materials, there is this notion of DOING good. There are those who say to themselves, I'll DO good as I get more and then there are those who say I'm going to BE good regardless of what I have now. There is a huge difference between DOING good and BEING good.

I think that striving to BE good is more powerful than DOING good. People who DO good do it when it is convenient for them or part-time. They volunteer, run a marathon, mentor, donate, etc. In society we celebrate DO-gooders that make one-time weekend contributions while neglecting the BE-gooders that make small contributions to the world with every moment of their life. Creating good is a full-time job. If we're not creating good all of the time, then what are we creating? Money? Money has yet to prove that it can save the world. If I ever win an award, I'd rather win a lifetime achievement award rather than a one-time award, but the only thing about lifetime achievement awards is that they usually aren't awarded until the end of one's life or after they die. But BE-gooders don't seek awards anyways.

Regardless of what other people think, at the end of the day, the Creator will ask us if we did that which we were called to do. DOING good can't be a part-time thing; it must be full-time meaning that it is actually a state of BEING good. The last thing I want to hear on that day is "You did everything except the one thing you were sent to do."

Dear God, help me DO good all the time, by BEING good full-time.


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