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In-Capable of Loving

It's cr-amazing when two spiritual beings recognize each other and vibrate at such a high level when they are together that they combust with love. I'm great + She's great = Lets get together. Then the honey-moon sets, the sun rises, enlightening the darkest corners, and the truth is revealed.

How could Erykah Badu and Common break up?
How could Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 break up?
How could Winnie and Nelson Mandela get divorced?
How could Whitney and Bobby last so long?

What the f%$k?
This doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense. If they can't do it, then who the hell can.

I feel like a celebrity. Or maybe celebrity relationships aren't that different...up and down...bouncing around. Sounds like me? Maybe Britney Spears isn't that crazy? Or maybe she is? I wonder if Gnarls Barkley would agree?

How can two whole yet incomplete beings form a symbiotic relationship without becoming parasitic - only seeking to fulfill their internal emptiness cloaked in romance?

This sucks!

Where are the healthy models of love?
Will the real Cosby family please stand up?
If boyfriends and girlfriends break up so easily, why is divorce such a surprise?

Commitment and compromise.
Commitment and compromise.

Why do we give up on each other so easily?
When we give up on each other, we give up on the world.
If we can't foster love among two, how can we cultivate it amongst many?
If we can't love self, how can we love another?

Maybe we weren't meant to love thyself alone. Maybe we can't.
Despite its negative connotations, perhaps we're all co-dependents...on each other.
Love thy neighbor as thyself.
If I love me and my neighbor loves me and vice versa...then there is balance.

Family is the solution.
Family is the soul-ution!
Family that transcends the biological and ideological.
Family that is spiritual.

The world is a reflection of me.
The world is a reflection of we.
If we can't love one another...
...then the world will ultimately cease.

Lets stop hiding behind groups, flags, and more Islam vs. Christianity or United States vs. Iran or White vs. Black.

Lets start thinking in terms of 1-on-1 relationships...father-and-mother, sister-and-brother, husband-and-wife, stranger1-and-stranger2.

Some can't be still in they leave.
To the left, to the left. Everything you own's in the box to the left.

But I'm still and here. I still all of us - the single Universal Spirit.

I'm not giving up on me, you, or us.

I can't.

I declare LOVE.


  1. Dasha Says:
  2. OH! I love this one and I am totally right there with you. It seems as though somewhere along this "cr-amazing" journey and evolution of life in people, we have completely turned our backs on the things that got us this far. Everyone I know, it seems, is afraid to love, but I refuse to be a coward, to be willing to deprive myself of what I was born to have- another who loves me on the same level, with the same spirit. It saddens me really because I am at an age where this really matters! And there are times when I feel like I am that only one with my eyes open. I can not make another see or be willing to explore the highs and lows that love can bring...and so...I wait...I wait with a quiet pain that sometimes burns and other times just lingers, and even though the pain can be blinding, I still believe. I still see the bigger picture.

    "Don't be afraid of a little bit of pain, pleasure is on the other side."- John Legend

    "Why fall in love, when you can stand in it"- Raheem DeVaughn

  3. hid Says:
  4. Love is unconditional. Sometimes we are meant to give more than we receive. It's when we analyze how much we've given vs received that makes us not love anymore.


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