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Our Commitment
co-created on January 2008

With Spirit present, we commit to building a strong healthy relationship that is aligned with the will of Spirit.

We are building a relationship that is founded in Spirit which is full of love for nature and the whole world.

We are open and honest with ourselves, one another, and others.

We express our feelings, emotions, thoughts, understandings, misunderstandings, insights, and revelations in the best possible form with one another and others we feel personally connected to and those we feel may benefit.

We are practicing patience knowing that not everything will run as smoothly as we would like or plan. Every thing will fall into place according to the will of Spirit.

We are aware of how our thoughts, which become actions, affect each other, self, and others around us. Therefore, we are conscious of our thoughts and actions while staying true to who we are.

We are working towards building a community of supporters with who we feel safe.

We are learning from one another. Our goal is to build up where there is weakness, continue to lift and support to avoid unnecessary dips (downfalls). Through our relationship, we are more understanding about who we are. We become better aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

We choose to concentrate on and develop our strengths and find ways to turn weakness into strengths or at least be aware of them. We affirm the good in each other and discuss solutions for improving our weaknesses.

We know that Spirit created us, gave us purpose, and in the love of Spirit brought us together to use our purpose. We know that consistent and effective communication with Spirit, each other, and loved ones is the only way. Through Spirit we are delivered from pain and obstacles into great harmony with all of life. We remember to give thanks to Spirit.

We are always in a state of gratitude. There’s no limit to our love, we don’t divide love, we give it abundantly to everyone.

We are happy beings in Spirit put together by Spirit to do the will of Spirit.

We acknowledge problems, but focus more on solutions.

We recognize that healthy relationships live in the present. Therefore, we approach each day as a new day leaving old beliefs about love in the past and focus on creating rather than pondering the future.

We believe that the goal of our relationship is to practice and learn unconditional love with one another so that we can practice it with all Life.

1 Responses to Selome & Jullien's Commitment

  1. tiy Says:
  2. Jull-ee-ON (pronounced in my best Belgian accent),

    Thank you for sharing this. Of course, one of my favorite books on the topic of relationships (romantic and otherwise) is the Gottman book, Why Marriages Succeed or Fail and How to Make Yours Last.

    Is it included in your books for the journey?


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