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Foolish Storm

Oh Storm,

How foolish of you to think that just because I can't see the sun through your thicket of gray clouds that I don't know in my heart that the Sun is still there. Regardless of how loud you thunder or how much you reign/rain, I'm going to light the world with my bright smile until the Sun reclaims its throne atop the world.

You have a deceptive way of turning people against one another. When you blanket the sky, your darkness is like sheep's wool, blinding the people. One look out of the bedroom window in the morning sets many on a self-destructive course to create a bad day for themselves and others because they are more afraid of grey than they are of darkness.

You can't deceive me. I'm going to parade on your rain! I'm going to splash in your puddles. I'm going to enjoy my life despite you. I will not let you steal my thunder or dim my light. I don't blame you for being who you are. Storms are necessary. And I will not use you as an excuse to unleash my pain on anyone else.

I hereby let go of my umbrella and security blankets and allow you to baptize my soul in your love. Purify me. Strip me of that which I don't need anymore so that I may transcend the weight of this wet clothing we call the flesh. For when the clouds finally break the Sun will resurrect and I will be forever free.

You cant fool me anymore. I have learned to see light in darkness.


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