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Google needs to self-reflect

In case you don't know, I'm writing a book called "You Can't Google Purpose". I had to ask Google for permission to use their name in my book title and here's what they said.

Hi Jullien,

Thanks for your request. Your current title is categorically untrue
because you can in actually search for the word 'purpose' on Google.
Therefore, literally you can 'google purpose' and metaphysically, many
people do find inner guidance and spiritual answers through information
retrieved by web searches. Additionally, we do not allow for the use of
'Google' as a verb as in 'googling'.

You may use the word 'Google' on a cover, as long as that usage is
approved. However, you may not use a Google logo. Feel free to respond
to this email alias to further discuss your future title.

Please respond to this message; any emails sent directly to will not be received.



Click here try googling your purpose now.

Comment below and let me know if you found your life purpose.



  1. John Says:
  2. What about this title: "Do you Yahoo! purpose?" or "Can you Askjeev's purpose?"

  3. Hey John,

    Great ideas!

    What do you think about...

    "You Can't Go-goal Purpose"

    I don't need it to be spelled right. I just need people to say it right.


  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. lol @ PURPOSE®: Sensitive Skin Care Made Easy!

    It's an awesome idea to have people join you for the journey, Jullien. I'd like to give some feedback/tips on the publishing process...and will do so soon...when I'm not at work!


  6. Cool!

    I'm not sure who the "anonymous D" is, but please email me directly. I would love to get your feedback on the publishing process.


  7. Sallomazing! Says:
  8. yo!!! I love You Can't Goo-Goal Purpose!!!! fabulous!

  9. crystal Says:
  10. Google didn't reveal my life's purpose.... strange.... I thought if I typed in my name it would all just appear...

    What about "I Would Have Called This Book 'You Can't Google Purpose', but Google Wouldn't Allow It"?

    Or, "You Can't Goog-L Purpose"

    Or, "Google Won't Tell You What Your Purpose Is"

    Or, "Google Won't Find Your Purpose For You"

    just some ideas....

    much love,

  11. Jackson Says:
  12. No way - I think your title is amazing and you should use it. I'm not an expert on fair use but Larry Lesig at Stanford is and he might be able to help you understand this.


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