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I went to work early today so that I could get home early and spend the rest of the evening writing the first chapter of You Can't Google Purpose. While on the train, one of my brothers for good, William Pena, sent an email to over 50 of his family and friends asking us to vote for his video on Current TV so that it gets aired on national television.

The 6 minute video is about a young man named Hunter Silcock who lives with cerebral palsy. William had the the privilege of working with Hunter for a year back in 2006, documenting his passion for writing and painting and inspiring the world through Hunter's positive outlook on life.

Then I thought to myself...Here I am...Laying on my bed...Procrastinating...Making up excuses NOT to write a book that I know can change the world. No more excuses!

Thank you Hunter & William for pursuing your passions for writing, painting, and filmmaking together.

I voted!

Don't wait until November to get in the habit of voting :)

1. Watch the video
2. Register
3. Vote "I like it".

I'm right-ing,


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