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Internally and externally, I feel called to write this! I was going to wait until I moved to California and had "space and time" to focus, but I can't. That was just an excuse. The space and time is now. I feel like the book is already within me and just needs to be written.

My 26th birthday is on July 11th. My hope is to be able to give out the 1st draft of the book to all the guest at my 26th birthday. It would be like an album release party :)

So here's my time line:

Chapter 1: Preface by 5/15
Chapter 2: Process by 5/17
Chapter 3: Principles by 5/24
Chapter 4: Passions by 5/31
Chapter 5: Problems by 6/7
Chapter 6: People by 6/14
Chapter 7: Picture by 6/21
Chapter 8: Pioneers by 6/28
Chapter 9: Positioning by 7/4
Chapter 10: Possibility by 7/11
Chapter 11: Conclusion by 7/11


1 Responses to Goal: Finish the 1st Draft by my 26th Birthday

  1. Regina Says:
  2. Wow. I can't wait to read your book. I can't wait to read mine either!


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