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Mother's Day & Creative Menopause

Happy Mother's Day to the women and men that have given birth to goodness in this world beyond the physical realm (ie children). Mother Nature has no gender. Nature is simply our nature. It's in all of us - both men and women. All creation must be mothered and fathered though religion has taught us to only honor The Father. You don't have to create a day to honor something that you should honor ever day.

Many men and women are dealing with creative menopause. Menopause literally means the permanent physiological, or natural, cessation of menstrual cycles that women face in the biological realm. Our creative spirit approaches menopause every time we say "no" to a great idea. Ideas impregnate us at unique times for unique reasons to carry within and then ultimately give birth to. But after constantly aborting those ideas by saying "no", we bring creative menopause upon ourselves.

Oftentimes we blame our careers for killing our creativity. False. Our creativity is just going to our careers. At work we're expected to create value which our company captures as money, pays us in a salary, and then takes a profit. If you aren't creating value, they won't continue paying you.

We are all have a mother and father in us for we all came from a mother and father. In this divorce-driven society, I've seen single mothers successfully raise beautiful children because they were able to access the father in themselves. I'm not saying that's cool, but masculine energy is in women and feminine energy is in men.

Therefore, today, I'm not honoring a particular gender. I'm honoring anyone who has given birth to a child or idea seeded in them by Spirit.

Thank you all,

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  1. boristech Says:
  2. i totally feel the idea of creative "menopause" and don't want to end up like that! thanks for sharing this. i can really relate to the way in which you sometimes formulate thoughts.


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