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When choosing between schools, a lot of people look at average GMAT scores, incoming class GPAs, and other statistics that can be found on the schools' websites. Most of that data is only correlative. It doesn't tell you the value add of the institution; it only tells you the type of candidate that the school attracts.

The best way to choose a school for fit is look at what its alumni are doing. This is the stuff that you can't find on the website. If I were you, I would recommend following this 3 step process:

  1. Identify where you want to be post-business school and then find the top 5 leaders in that industry
  2. Conduct research on each individual and map out their academic and professional paths
  3. Look for common themes and trends in their paths and then choose your school accordingly

Alumni achievement is number one indicator of a school's value add. If business school is a launching pad for your next career move, then find out which school has launch leaders into the highest ranks of the industry that you want to excel in. Add this kind of research to your essays and you're sure to score points. Alumni achievement is perhaps the most compelling answer to 'why' you want to go to a particular school, but is the least used because it is the hardest information to find.


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