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When it came to choosing a school for undergrad, I didn't do much research. The only schools I really knew of were the ones that were good in sports. Luckily, I enjoyed my undergraduate experience at UCLA, but when it came to choosing a business school, I took things more seriously.

I wanted to find a school that "fit" and would set me up to achieve my long-term goals through its curriculum, connections, and community. Stanford, UCLA, Michigan, and USC "fit" me and I ended up going to Stanford GSB.

Though useful, doesn't organize its information in a way that makes it easy to compare schools. Click here to download a chart that compares MLT's Business School Partners on the following criteria so that you can find the schools that "fit" you.


  • Demographics
  • Diversity
  • GMAT
  • Work Experience
  • Age
  • Faculty
  • Class Size
  • Joint Programs
  • Alumni
  • Salary
  • Cost

Click here to download the chart and get started on your business school research today!


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