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Potluck NY#10 was a wild success. 10 beautiful spirits came together to share stories about the A train (hint: don't sit under the map on the train), listen to unreleased music of Queen Rose, and hear a reading from a chapter in my You Can't Google Purpose book. We also discussed questions like whether non-profits were sustainable long-term, how to quit your job (#1 - Have someone to trick, #2 - Have a stash, #3...). Pole dancing (it's not the kind you think...get your mind out the gutter) and the 4 crazy cats were two other highlights of the night, but you had to be there to understand.

We want to welcome Courtenay, Rasheed, Queen Rose, Ayinde, Vicki, and Christina to the potluck family. That makes 56 potluckers!

The menu consisted of apricot glazed chicken, homemade potato salad, corn on the cob, homemade apple strudel, root beer floats, rice with lentils, plantain, fresh vegetables, and chips with mango salsa.

If you know any A-train stories, have an apartment opening near you, know of teachers who want to take their kids to Broadway shows, or want something to hear some great music on Tuesday night (see details below), hit up the appropriate person below.

The next potluck will be on Sunday, September 21st.

Wishing you a pot-of-luck.


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