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On August 19, 2008, President Bush made a speech and acknowledge Daryn Dodson, one of my best friends and roommate from business school. Daryn currently works for Idea Village in New Orleans helping entrepreneurs grow successful businesses. Check it out...

"I am inspired by people like Daryn Dodson, who I met at a dinner here last year. Daryn was studying at Stanford Business School when Katrina struck and felt called to come to New Orleans to help. He joined Idea Village – a program to support the city's entrepreneurs and stimulate economic growth. Through Idea Village, Daryn has brought other MBA students from the Nation's top schools to help solve some of the greatest business challenges facing the city and to help spread the entrepreneurial spirit." - President Bush (To read the full speech, click here)

Support Daryn on his journey via by giving him advice or recommendations.

My Friends is a new section of my blog where I will be highlighting my friend's successes. If you are my friend and have any successes that you would like to share with my reader, please let me know.


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