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Potluck NY#11 was filled with great people, energy, and stories. First off, the meal included lemon pepper baked chicken, greens, corn on the cob, 2 types of pastas, 3 rice and bean dishes, mangoes, grapes, and root beer floats. We want to welcome the 7 newcomers to the family!

The conversation began with the story of a NYU student of film, Tre, whose work on homelessness in downtown LA can be found here. He is considering doing his next piece on the domination of fried chicken, pizza, and chow mien in urban communities. A people without a vision will perish, but so will people who don't control their food source. Though he's the newest to Brooklyn, he's got a spot to live, however 2 ladies (who don't want roommates) are looking.

Speaking of vision, Mia is a moment master, which is my euphemism for scrapbooker. She has a growing business helping people capture their visions and dreams in a way that reminds them of the power within them each day. I have a dream that the kids get an education and thanks to sisters like Tina and Christina , I'm certain that that will happen.

Finally we got into economics. Though they aren't economist, stock brokers, or hedge fund managers, Rasheed and Paul broke it down. In sum, the economy is eff-ed up, the government could have prevented this, and now the government is taking over. Is it 1984? What would a cashless society look like? How would we relate to one another? What's the last thing you grew and ate? Perhaps the Amish people are smarter than we think.

The next potluck is Sunday, October 19th.

"There are no leftovers when you live life to the fullest."



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