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As many of you already know, I've never drank alcohol. Some people very close to me have been affected by alcoholism and I see some of my friends exhibiting alcoholic patterns. Not good. Anyway, I've seen how Alcoholics Anonymous has helped some people dear to me recover and I believe that it is the best form of personal development to date. I can't think of another space where people of all different cultures, ages, and classes come together regularly to help each other achieve their goals.

Last week I attended my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. I don't think you have to be a drinker to be an alcoholic in the same way that a person who has cancer but doesn't know that they have cancer is still a cancer victim. Since it's an anonymous space, I won't say much expect that the combination of community, storytelling, and celebration is amazing.

One of my goals in life is to end the NEED for AA (not AA itself) for our generation by creating healthy spaces for millennials to find community, share their stories, celebrate life. Every month I host potlucks at my house and that's exactly what we do. It's so simple. I don't get why "happy hours" get celebrated but Alcoholics Anonymous get stigmatized when it's spaces like happy hour that lead people to AA. Happy hour doesn't live up to its name.

I also wanted to share that I found a non-alcoholic wine made by J. Lohrs called ARIEL. What's crazy is that Steve Lohrs, one of the owners, lived next door to me when I was in Palo Alto and we shared a bottle over dinner. As you can see from the label above, it "contains less than one half of one percent alcohol by volume" so I guess I can't say that I've never drank any more.


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