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Every week I hope to feature one of my friends and see how the support of all of my readers can help them get to the next level. Email me if you want to be next.

Meet my friend
Razmig Hovaghimian
A.K.A. "Young Hova"

Razmig's Top Passions:
social change, social entrepreneurship

Razmig's Next Level:
While at Stanford he co-founded a non-profit that is developing a $25 premature infant incubator for the developing world:, focused on the 3.5M annual avoidable premature infant deaths worldwide.

They're going through clinical trials in India, FDA approval in the US, got a few grants (including Echoing Green), but need much more funding to scale our manufacturing and distribution efforts before we launch in Asia in '09--hence the need for this AmEx funding.

How You Can Support Razmig:
Help the Embrace team raise $1.5M by clicking here to vote in the AmEx Members Challenge which ends September 29th. NO Donation is required, just your vote to distinguish Embrace among other 1190 inspirational projects.

To support Razmig on his journey see his son who he "embraces" every day:
Visit his profile here.

More pictures of the product in action:

(Razmig is in the middle embracing the Embrace)

(So cute!)


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