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Below is an excerpt from my book "Driving School for Life" describing one of the activities that takes place during the

As the instructor turned her attention to us again, the room got quiet. She stepped to the side of the easel she was writing on and there stood the Today's Theme and Question of the Day. "Principles. What metrics do I use to measure success for myself?"

"Today we're going to discuss principles. We're going to begin the conversation with an exercise where everyone draws the dashboard of their life's vehicle." She flipped to a new page on the flip chart and drew a semi-circle with a gas gauge, speedometer and mileage counter. She continued talking with her back to us as she continued drawing. "Car dashboards measure three things: velocity, distance, and gas level. At each moment, someone can assess how fast they're going, how far they have traveled, and how full they are."

She completed the drawing and put the marker top back on and continued "For some people this dashboard works. "The purpose of life for them is to get as far as they can as fast as they can. But there are other ways to look at life. For example, someone may believe the the purpose of life is to get as far as you can with as many people as you can or to make sure you are full-filled no matter how far or fast you are going. How one chooses to measure their life will determine the type of vehicle they choose to drive."

"For the next 20 minutes, I want you to think about today's question and then draw your personal dashboard to the best of your ability. Around 10:20, I'll ask you to get in your groups to share your dashboard and explain why you chose the metrics you drew. Are there any questions? Okay, then spread out across the room and create."


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