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Man oh man! I was the only guy among 6 incredible women until Hack, Kimik, and Jody finally showed up. Fellas, I tried to tell y'all. Where else can you meet down-to-earth out-of-this-world beautiful ladies like this? It's rare that the ratios are skewed like that, but it all worked out in the end. Maybe next time the brothas will outnumber the sistas.

Before potluck even began, there was drama. People walked in with stories of slow buses, rerouted trains, lost cab drivers, and guest appearances from strangers on the walk over. Maybe we should consider doing brunch next time.

We were blessed with the presence of 5 new potluckers! Welcome to the family. With them came a delicious meal - Homemade chili, cornbread, brown rice, jambalaya with shrimp and beef, Dominican chicken, macaroni and cheese, plantains, corn on the cob, and greens.

After hearing about people's wild journey to my house, we finally got into the journey of life. With such a small group, everyone in the room touched the mic and our hearts with their personal story (Who am I? Where am I? Where am I going?). People painted pictures of urban education transformation, women's empowerment, and music revolution. Connected to those were new visions for creating and distributing written word, word in action (=performing art), captured word (=film, photo, paint), and spoken/sung word. When it came to supporting one another, everyone gave so freely. It was amazing!

Next potluck will be November 23rd!

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