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My track record in the dating game reflected the running style of 100-meter and 200-meter world record holder, Usain Bolt - fast start and fast finish. Though I enjoyed every minute of my last few relationships, with the exception of the last one, it's a pattern I want to change.

When it comes to dating, I don't know why I think sprint instead of marathon. Where am I rushing to? My past relationships started off with an intense first few weeks, gained momentum, and then crashed pretty hard. Am I trying to break the world record for the fastest man to fall in love? If so, the only thing I'm breaking is hearts.

Just this week, a good friend of mine challenged me to think of the difference in behavior if I looked at dating on a 2 year time line instead of a 2 week or 2 month time line. That kind of relationship would look more like a friendship that I would have with one of my homeboys. Here are the patterns I would have to change to slow my roll:
  • Allow life to naturally take its course instead of trying to direct it. (It's rare that people hand-picked their best friend.)
  • Just kick IT instead of kicking GAME
  • Operate independently (ie split bills down the middle, don't think you have to call daily)
  • Spend time together during the day instead of the night
  • Spend time in groups instead of just one-on-one
  • Hold back on meeting the parents
  • + Add your ideas for me here...
Do you have any more ideas for me to slow my roll?

I'd rather see eye-to-eye and build a friendship first than be head-over-heels in relationship built on romance.

Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting that this is the right way. I'm just sharing my journey with you as I try something different.


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