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I like the way you speak
When you’re giving a speech
A million people watching
You talk directly to me
Sweet words to my pallet
Can’t wait to cast my ballot
Agreeing with every sound bit
I’m finally feeling valid

I hope we’re in the same party
Check your ticket
On the morning of the 5th
Maybe we can kick it
And pop some champagne
To a successful campaign
I don’t drink alcohol
But we can watch it cascade

Democracy or republic?
Platform or foundation?
The last 8 years of dating
Have been kinda crazy
Fighting for no reason
Mental taxation
When you give power to Bush
You’ll end up jaded

We don’t really argue
But we sure do debate
A lower tone of voice
More like we conversate
It’s not about who’s right
It’s what is right for U.S.?
The economy is getting tight
But it’s in God we trust

You can catch me in DC
The District of Compromise
We can Lincoln at the monuments
To watch the sun rise
We could walk through memorials
And celebrate life
And then bathe in reflection
While forgetting who spies

Your presidential suite
Could be my residential street
No air force one here
But there’re two on my feet
If that’s not fly enough
Lets make a sky with the sheets
The pillows can be the clouds
And our minds be the wings

I’m down to take the back seat
To commander and chief
I will be the first man
You be the first lady
When you’re deeply in love
A four year term isn’t enough
But remember our commitment
Is way bigger than U.S.

As you travel the world
Meeting global leaders
I’ll be here in the oval
Watching from the bleachers
I swear to stand by you
With one hand in the air
I don’t care, let it air
The whole country should hear

I’m planning and strategizing
To win your election
But for now I’ll lay low
In your cabinet prepping
For that inaugural moment
When I’ve silenced all opponents
When election day ends
And you close all the voting

I hope I get your vote
And not your veto
How you electrify crowds
I know it’s power to the people
You paint beautiful pictures
Without an easel
Perhaps that white house on the hill
Can be our steeple

Now with the nomination
We should build a nation
Universal health care
And education
Lets get our house in order
Before we mess with they shhhh
Most vote with their feet
You walk with leg-islation

I’m going to put my top pick
In the slit in the box
I promise this is the last time
I make you fit in a box
When we sit and talk
It’s like I’m sitting with God
A Spirit-led leader
Perfect fit for the job

My number one candidate
I wonder if I can date
I missed the primaries
But is it still too late?
My heart bleeds red for you
And my sky is so blue
I can’t wait to see you in white
On the day I say “I do”


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