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Do you believe in yourself enough to be your own disciple?

When I hear the word "discipline", I immediately think of "disciple" and disciple connotes follower of or believer in someone else. So when I hear the word "self-discipline" I think of "disciple of self" or follower or believer in self.

So when I ask myself 'Why do some people have self-discipline and others don't?' it really comes down to 'How deeply do people believe in themselves, their own dreams, their own visions?" If people believed in themselves, self-discipline wouldn't be an issue. Our commitments to our dreams, visions, and highest selves would be our motivation. The intrinsic incentive of manifesting our dreams would make rules, schedules, consequences, and even extrinsic incentives irrelevant.

Discipline is usually perceived as a negative thing, but it depends on who we are following and believing and where we are following them to. If we believe in ourselves and thus follow ourselves in the direction of our goals and dreams, self-discipline will become one of our greatest assets. We tend to become great a whatever we become disciplined at. Therefore, if we consider the areas of our lives that we've exhibited self-discipline, we can accurately predict where we will become great.

Self-discipline requires full immersion into something that you are a truly passionate about. Most people just want to stick their big toe in the kiddie pool of life, believing they can swim in success without ever exploring the deep end to really see if they can or not. The reality is that we have to let go of the ledge of security and scuba dive head first into our dreams. Staying afloat isn't living. Actually swimming is living. Like breathing to live, self-discipline is the oxygen that fuels any type of practice, which is a requirement for success to manifest as we play the game of life.


  1. Mexifro Says:
  2. I love this message about self-discipline. I feel like most of us need this reminder regularly.

    I also really like the swimming metaphor. It's funny because I had a whole conversation with our Kendra about swimming styles as a physical manifestation, a metaphor if you will, for how we each tackle life. She tends to stay close to the walls and I tend to swim quickly across the pool without coming up for air. Neither style serves us well in our greater purpose, but at least it gives us more insight into our strengths and weaknesses in finding our most efficient styles. Thanks for this Jullien.

  3. leilani Says:
  4. profound! I need a regular reminder myself. very tru, very tru indeed


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