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:: Driving School for Life ::
A Personal Development Experience Created by Jullien Gordon

Driving School for Life is a personal development course I initiated in conjunction with my first book which is currently in production. The book documents the journey of three millennials as they participate in the 8 week course designed to help them gain clarity on their purpose and strengthen their friendship. The vision is to have this course take place in cities all across the country with the book as guide to help the millennial generation become the greatest generation ever.

:: The Test Drive :: An 8-Hour Condensed Version of the 8-Week Course

I am inviting 8 people to join me on Saturday, November 22nd from 9am-6pm to experience a simplified version of the 8 week curriculum. My intent is to learn from you and your experiences so that I can integrate themes that come from your stories into the book to make it more powerful and transformational.

This Course Is Great For:
  • Anyone considering switching their careers or pursuing entrepreneurship
  • Anyone considering applying to graduate school or undergrad (ie Law School, MBA)
  • Anyone who wants to deepen their relationships with their friends

Participants will:
  • Get a chance to meet 8 other incredible people
  • Clarity on the their life's direction as we approach the new year
  • Get a free signed copy of the book when it is published
  • FREE breakfast and lunch

:: The 8 Hours of Power ::
An Interactive Experience Based on the 8 Principles of Purpose

The 8 Hours of Power are based on the 8 Principle of Purpose which include: your principles, passions, problems, people, picture, pioneers, positioning, and possibility. Each principle will have interactive activities and discussions to draw out the best in you.

Click here to get a glimpse of the first hour on discovering your principles called "Dashboard for Life".

:: Cost ::

I will cover the upfront cost of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and materials.

:: Date & Location ::

Saturday, November 22nd from 9:00am-6:00pm
Brooklyn, New York

:: Register ::

Click here to register. Upon your email RSVP, you will receive a 10-question pre-course survey that is due by Saturday, November 15th at 5pm EST.

If you can't participate, please forward this email to anyone you think may benefit from and add value to this space.


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  1. Natalia Says:
  2. Sometimes I wish I lived in New York! :)


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