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No, I'm not talk about the HBO series.

I met Philippe Petit at lunch today. He was signing books at Borders. He was one of the spirits that started my journey when I saw his movie "Man On Wire" on October 26th. Philippe Petit is best know for tight rope walking between the Twin Towers in 1974.

I bought his book and got it signed. Here's a snippet of the short conversation I had with him:

JG: How did you discover you passion?

PP: I'm been climbing since I was a little boy. It just came natural to me to tie a rope between two trees and walk across.

JG: Were you ever afraid of heights?

PP: No! (confidently)

JG: Do you have any fears?

PP: Yes, but I won't tell anybody (with a smirk).

I wish we could have talked longer, but it was a book signing. I had so many more questions to ask him. I admit, this was the first time I think I've ever been starstruck.

  • Your passions probably extend back to your childhood, however they may not manifest in the same way as an adult.
  • When you're doing your passion you are most natural. That's why then tend to manifest as children because we don't wear many masks then.
  • Your purpose may be to do the one thing that you don't fear that everyone else does
In Synch
The funny thing is that I bought Malcolm Gladwell's book, "Outlier: The Story of Success" yesterday but decided to return it after finding it online for a lot cheaper. That's when I learned about the event. But I forgot. It wasn't until I walked into to Border's today to return it that I remembered. Had I not found it online for cheaper, I would have missed the event.


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