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This morning I read a powerful article in YES Magazine called "Blessing Revealed" by Puanani Burgess. In it she tells the true story of special ed student whose gift is speaking to the animals of the ocean. In the article she poses the question "What would his life have been like if this curriculum were gift-based? If we were able to see the gift in each of our children and taught around that gift?"

I ask myself a similar question. What would our lives be like if our education was purpose-based? If we were able to discover the purpose in each of ourselves and learned accordingly? I believe it can be done by mass-customizing education and adopting the principle that every student is also a teacher of self and other students. Professor Richard Boyatzi's of doing a lot of great work on self-directed learning (SDL) and you can find some of his work here. I'm certain that the world would be a better place if this was so.

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