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I remember when I was little, physically and young, I was known for having heart. Even if I wasn't the best, I always played the hardest and heart-est. Because my best friend was older than me, I was always the little guy and the last to be picked, therefore I was the underdog and had something to prove.

Sometime in or after college, I lost my hustla spirit. Perhaps it was a sense of entitlement or that there was nobody to "compete" against. I was no longer attached to winning. What else was there to win? Winning was harder to define. I play pick up basketball now and I see myself seep into a sluggish mindset when I my team is losing. Is it just that I'm out of shape or is there something more?

I want to win again. I want to have that winner's mentality like Muhammad Ali. Against who? I don't know. Maybe myself. Perhaps I should compete (or spar) against my highest self until I become him. Watching Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, and A-Rod get hemmed up for use of performance enhancers has really tripped me out. The world's best home run hitter, women's runner, and baseball player...crazy! How bad do I want to win? Not that bad.

As an entrepreneur I believe in finding Blue Oceans where there aren't any competitors and I believe in partnering with anyone who could be deemed a competitor. So without competitors, I realized that I have to do a better job of:
  1. Defining what games I want to win and which ones I don't really care about
    ie Do I really care about intramural basketball?

  2. Defining winning for myself and my personal scoreboard
    ie What are my success metrics? # of lives transformed? $s earned? etc

  3. Defining my vision for what is possible if I do win to be my motivation
    ie An NBA ring won't move me, but what does?
This is just an observation about myself. Perhaps you feel the same.

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