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This world is based on cause and effect

So everything you do effects this world

You can be an agent of change for good or for bad

But remember that you reap what you sow

And whatever you fail to deal with

You children will have to deal with

Not trying to undermine God’s blueprint

Like I’m stupid

But this is how the world would be

If I could redo it

We’d all be in love

Struck by cupid

Communication with the nations

Speak every language fluent

We’d all be blind

All be kind, no racism

No prisons full of people

Full of hate in ‘em

We wouldn’t rate women

We’d blind date women

And be more careful how we treat

And what we say to ‘em

No more segregation

Brown vs. Education

Equal representation throughout the nation

Call me God’s kid, optimist, or communist

Cause I redistribute wealth to all impoverished kids

The robin hood of the hood

Take from the rich

Give to the good

Nuclear families

Instead of nuclear madness

No more tears of sadness

Cause there would be no famine

Technological advances

Think we got the answers

The ozone corrodes

Now we got mo’ cancer

Be the change you want to see

Lead by example

Stay the same

Make a change

Hey, life is a gamble

We’ll be on the moon soon

So we need to move quick

We made a house out of straw

And we need to use brick

Love from the heart is the only kind that sticks

Noah quit his arc now he’s building space ships

If I could change the world

This is how it’d be

If I’m gonna change the world

It’s gonna start with me

If I could change the world

This is how it’s be

If I’m gonna change the world

I need a world of change in me

We spend our time tryna pee nuts (It’s like we in traffic)

We always in a jam

Uncle Sam takes our bread

Eatin’ food without a brand

From the fire to the pan

And we wonder why we mad

We carry heavy bags

But they slows us on our paths (but ain’t going nowhere fast)

All this baggage got us laggin’

It won’t disappear like magic

Gotta peal layer by layer

Til we happy with no wrappin’

Rap’s the only business

That we really make a living

When I look at Pac and Biggie

All I really see is killing

The empowerment of our men

Will weed out all the coward men

They’ll have to listen

And adhere to our demands

Bout time we take a stand

Take our live back in our hands

We have to organize all the time

Not just March when we in bands

If want to realize your wished

You gotta have a plan

We sinkin’ like dirty dishes

As we stand in quick sand (foreign land)

With God as my shepherd

My job’s to be a lamb

I don’t know if you can change the world

But like Campbell’s soup I can


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