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To my unborn I'm kinda torn
because you weren't expected
its been about three months
that your mom and I've been separate
I feel desperate
but your mother won't talk to me
so I keep texting
hoping you hear the phone beep

It's me
and I want to be part of your life
but I know it wouldn't be right
to make your momma my wife
towards the end of our relationship
you came alive
I guess it's not over
as long as you still survive

In exactly two days
your mommy gets an ultrasound
hoping for a heartbeat
I keep making that gulping sound
this is what happens
when two adults screw around
when you play with nuts and bolts
you're bound to get bolted down

Speaking of screws
I've been building a village for you
the foundation is being laid
I didn't expect you so soon
you get to lead the way
as the village's first youth
all your spiritual siblings
will look up to you

You're not a consequence,
accident, or mistake
your timing was divinely planned
by the one to whom I pray
the morning after pill
used to be my escape
but when God intervenes
probabilities fade

We made sure to use protection
but your strength was so strong
when you've got a purpose to fulfill
you can't wait too long
the world isn't ready
so's got to be
I consider myself creative
but you bring out the God in me

The anointed one
that is why I name you Messiah
and if you are a girl
I'll choose to name you Gaia
I'll be your love supplier
give you energy 'til I'm tired
then you'll reflect my light
and make the whole world brighter

I am honored by the karma
that has made me your father
It's like I've been given a ball of clay
with the power of a potter
I will surely make mistakes
but know I strive to be my best
you may not grow inside my belly
but you're always in my chest


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