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The Dance of My Life

In high school and college I remember going to some of the hottest parties ever...I'm talking wall-to-wall, soaked-in-sweat, foggy windows, non-stop dancing. As I get older, parties have changed so much that people don't even dance anymore. I thought 30 was the new 20. I've observed that there are typically three types of people at parties nowadays:

1. Wall-Flowers: They talk about how wack the party is, but don't have the courage to get it started. Instead of making the most out of the situation, they complain about the time, energy, and money it costs to get here. They tend to wait for others to ask them to dance when if fact you get asked to dance the most when you start dancing first. Wall-flowers are stuck in their seats because they care too much about what other people think

2. Wait-Watchers: They stand around the dance floor as if they need permission to get on. Most wait-watchers think to themselves "As soon as a few people get out there, I'm on it." Wait-watchers like to play it safe by hiding in the shadows and are willing to risks their whole night on the bravery of a few party-starters or that one song that gets everybody out of their seat.

3. Party-Starters: Even if its only 10pm and they are the only one on the dance floor, they are dancing. Not only did they get in free for arriving early, they are making the most of the evening. A lot of people wait until the club is almost closed to get it cracking, but for party-starters, there is no such thing as early. The party starts when they arrive. Party-Starters liberate others to dance. They dance like nobody is watching. In other words, they are being themselves, which ironically leads everyone to watch them.

Which of these is you?
Which one do you want to be?

Life is nothing more than a dance between you and your authentic self. It's free to get in this party and it only cost you if you don't dance. As we try to find our rhythm on this dance floor we call the world, oftentimes we step on toes. Sometimes we dance to the wrong beat because we have yet to find our own. And sometimes we dance with the wrong partner because we have yet to find our Perfect Partner, which is our authentic self. Our authentic self knows the beat for which we were born and can match every step of the dance that we get to co-choreograph with number one mover and shaker of them all...God. If you have yet to find your Perfect Partner, keep dancing, keep trying new moves, and keep finding new partners for none of us know when this party ends.

We're Jah-men!


  1. Tania Says:
  2. Great post! I wrote an article several years ago which I added to my blog in December... you might enjoy reading it:


  3. Robbie Says:
  4. So true!If life is a dance then let the music keep playing. Bow-chicka-bow-wow. Keep on living, keep on loving, and keep dancing, we all find our own beat with time.

  5. Aziza Says:
  6. Speak Jullien. I definitely look at life like a dance. Party-starters unite!


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