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PurposeFinders anonymously email me and share their answers to the 8 principles of purpose in hopes that you, the blog readers, will give them advice, ideas, feedback, questions, resources, and contacts that will help them advance in their pursuit of purpose. Please read this PurposeFinders' responses and use your wisdom and experiences to help them on their journey by commenting below. If you would like to participate in this process yourself, please take this anonymous questionnaire. My hope is that a new PurposeFinder will be featured every week. ____________________________________________________________

Stage of Purpose
1. Inquiring 2. Investigating 3. Invoking 4. Investing 5. Inspiring

Part 1: Where am I?

1. Principles:
What do I value? What beliefs govern my life?

I want to make the most relatable, uplifting, and moving movies ever.

2. Passions:
What do I love doing and why?

Getting into writing, storyboarding stories that I create, reading/watching well written stories

3. Problems & Pain:
What social, scientific, technical, and/or personal question or pain do I want to solve?

I'd like to get over my own problems by immersing myself into someone's story, one that I create. In the process I hope others will be able torelate and feel themselves in the situations I create.

4. People & Place:
Who do I want to serve and where?

Any one, any age, that is going through unbearable pain. Everywhere people have a chance to see my films.


Part 2: Where am I going?

5. Picture:
What's my vision for myself and the world?

I want my films to be rich enough such that people don't just watch once, but watch multiple times the way they play a good song over and over.

6. Pioneers:
Who are my models? Mentors? Guides?

Steve Conrad (Weather Man and Pursuit of Happyness writer) and Ki-duk Kim (3-Iron director)

7. Positioning & Potential:
What do I want to master? What do I want to be #1 in the world at? And why do I believe that I can do it? Why am I the one?

I want to be #1 director of uplifting and realistic dramas.

8. Possibility:
How will people experience life differently because of me?

By breaking old barriers of film storytelling (The Matrix, 3-Iron(all silent drama)) and creating the most visually riveting films/TV shows that drive people to tears, I believe I can move people through moving stories and characters that they can relate to and hopefully heal through.

Part 3: How do I get there?

This PurposeFinder is looking for
advice, ideas, feedback, questions, resources, and contacts that will help them advance in their pursuit of purpose. Some ways that may help him:
  1. Send this to other filmmakers by clicking on the envelope below
  2. Recommend some movies that moved you to tears and action
  3. Give advice on how to invest in one's own vision instead of always investing in other's
Comment below or participate by taking the anonymous survey here.

1 Responses to PurposeFinder #1: Filmmaker in the Making

  1. Joshua Bee Says:
  2. being a great director means working really well with actors. studying the craft of acting will let you see how to get into actors heads to bring the best out of them.

    a great director has read extensively from the great storytellers, sharpening the mind's ability to create visual worlds from the page.
    some books that help that i recommend are The Famished Road and A Way of Being Free by Ben Okri,
    The Healers by Ayi Kwei Armah, The God of Small Things, Dovskesky, Joyce, Eco, Casteneda, Hemingway, George Armado, Robert Bresson, Jean Cocteau; beauty and the beast, a diary of a film, judith weston's directing actors, antoine artaud theatre and its double, shakespear,

    you should also be good at relating to your technicians, especially the director of photography. some book here are The Five Cs of Cinematography, Painting with Light...

    spending time on sets is one of the best ways to learn the craft. watching talented technicians will posture successful ways of getting the shot done.

    Create Rebelliously!


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