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As a result of sharing my vision and intention in my Monday post "I'm Leaving My Job & New York", here are the 10 things I attracted in the past 48 hours.

1. A friend offered to pray for me as I take this leap of faith
2. I'm certain that dozens more of my friends are praying for me based on emails and comments
3. Mylinia closed a small angel round of financing after some legal delays
4. Two friends have given me leads on Chief Technology Officers for Mylinia
5. My dad said he would give me his Nissan Pathfinder car so I can get around in LA without me even asking
6. Two strategic partnerships for Mylinia got put on the table
7. I've connected with 10 friends from California in person in New York all in support of me
8. I got good news about my tax return
9. I found a designer for the book cover of "You Can't Google Purpose"
10. I got 5 phone calls and affirmations from California friends in support of my move(ment)

This is pretty powerful, so I had to document this for myself and others.

Stay tuned. More good is on its way.


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