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As of Friday, May 30th (68 more days), I will be leaving MLT and New York to pursue my purpose full-time.

I'm going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali to:
1. Live with my spiritual partner, Selome, in LA
2. Run full-time and
3. Write my book titled "You Can't Google Purpose"

RE: Selome & I in LA
Some say that your life partner is the biggest decision of your life and though our relationship will only be half-a-year by the time we move into together, I feel like love doesn't have a time line. I've done the long distance thing before, but I realized that at some point you have to give the relationship a fair shot or else it will dis-integrate. We lived together in January in New York as an experiment and it was a blessed time filled with love and lessons. We just got an apartment in Leimert Park. I haven't even seen it yet, but I trust that it is perfect for us.

RE: Mylinia
Mylinia has been a struggle to build virtually, technically, and financially. We're currently looking for a CTO to round out our founding team. The absence of a tech team has resulted in long product development cycles. As a result, we haven't been able to attract the financing we need. Again, it's a time and energy thing. I need to be able focus on finding financing and a tech team and hopefully this move will free me up to do that. We are conducting a private beta in April with 100 passionate people willing to share their visions with the world. If you know any passionate people or programmers, please let me know.

RE: You Can't Google Purpose
By the end of the month I should be done with the first draft of my book proposal. I'm not sure whether I'm going to self publish or try to get a deal. The book is already within me; I just need the space to write it. I pray that it will flow during the summer so that I can release the book in Fall.

RE: Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)
MLT's entrepreneurial environment has provided me with the space to create and grow as a businessman. I've learned the intricacies and challenges of successfully growing an organization and I also learned how to empower customers to market your products or services for you via the creation of the CP Ambassadors Program. I love the people at MLT and have developed some strong friendships there. I knew (and was open with MLT) from the beginning that this would be a bridge job until Mylinia popped off and now my spirit is calling me to move on.

RE: My New York Peoples
I met some great new friends in New York: Sam, Sallome, Boris, Allah, Ashley, Alicia, the Sarahs, Rolando, Danya and more, and I reconnected with old friends like Ari, Chauncee, Michelle, Christian, Jody, and May. You will all be happy to know that Sallome will continue doing potlucks in New York after I leave. The next one will be April 20th and then I'll host one more in May before I leave.

Fear, finances, and failure will never overcome faith and focus.

Much love,


  1. Samuel C Says:
  2. I'm just thankful to get some shine in the post...

    NY received you well and it sounds like we are sending you back west with some revival in your hustle.

    Don't lose touch once you get out there...

  3. Dude, I'll see you out there. I'm leaving NY too and taking my job with me. Bon chance.

  4. Dana Says:
  5. I guess this means we won't be picking you up from the train station next Christmas, huh?  Congrats cousin :)


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