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How Does Life Taste To You?

When we go to a restaurant that we've never been to before, we typically look at the entire menu first and then make a choice. Sometimes someone else (friend or waiter) recommends a dish, but usually we choose our meal based on how we think it will taste according to the ingredients on the menu and the restaurant's reputation.

Once everyone's food comes, oftentimes, we start to second guess our choice. Without even tasting our own meal, we look around at how other people's meals look and smell, and begin to think to ourselves, "I should have got that." The crazy thing is that we aren't the only one thinking that; everyone at the table is thinking the exact same thing. As a result, nobody is really satisfied with their choice and our own meal doesn't taste as good because we're all constantly thinking about how good the next person's meal taste.

Many of us experience life the same we experience dining. It's always greener on the other side of the fence. We compare and covet our neighbors' lives without being fully aware of the ingredients that make up their lives, how satisfying or dissatisfying their lives are to them, or how our life truly taste. We never know who is or isn't truly happy with the life before them because those who aren't happy pretend they are so that they don't look bad.

Though restaurants should have picture menus instead of word-based menus, it's also important not to judge a book by its cover or in this case, a meal by its grubber. We have to remember that taste transcends look and smell and we all have different tastes. What looks, smells, and tastes good to someone else may not taste good to you.

Finally, the thing that we tend to forget most is that the fundamental purpose of food is to energize. Even taste is secondary to energy. The most elementary explanation of eating is that plants and animals sacrifice their life force so that we can live. In the same way, the goodness of one's life should be measured by how much love (the highest form of positive energy) it creates in the heavenly body of Mother Earth despite how it looks, smells, or taste to others.

How does your life taste to you?


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