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Below is the transcript from a Google chat I had with Selome after a friend of hers said "im not a dreamer, i'm a realist"

what is your analysis of someone who says "im not a dreamer, i'm a realist"

me: Dreamers are realist too. The only difference is that the reality of a dreamer expands beyond the reality of a so called realist :) In the mind of a so called realist, anyone whose possibilities expand beyond their own is called a dreamer.

Realists cut off possibilities and think of the impossible, whereas dreamers create possibilities and think of the in-possible. Neither one knows what is actually possible, but at least a dreamers thoughts and hopes aren't pre-im-prisoned before even trying.

Selome: i'm like but dreams aren't UNrealistic

me: Good point. dreams are just thoughts and realities yet to manifest.

Selome: i was asking him, so u don't have visions that you want to manifest one day? it was like awwww man, u need a smiley face on ur forehead

me: in the same way that a dent-ist works on dental areas, every dreamer must become a real-ist and do work on reality if their dreams are going to manifest.


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