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The 5 Forces that Unite People Most

1. Spiritual Exploration

Last Monday, Oprah and Eckhart Tolle united over 700,000 from 139 countries to discuss spirituality and purpose. This was arguably the most diverse spiritual conversation ever to take place with the exception of life itself. Whereas Sunday morning may be one of the most segregated times in the wold as people pursue their difference branches religion, Oprah is going straight to the root through exploring spirituality for the next few Mondays at

2. Emotional Movements
I am not a concert goer, but I know that hip hop has transcend culture and speaks to the hearts and souls of many. The way artists weave words together to speak directly to our personal life experiences and emotions is amazing. Books (ie The Alchemist, The Secret) and films (ie The Matrix) have had the same kind of impact by telling a single story that millions identify as their own.

3. Physical Nourishment
We've all got to eat, so food is a great way to unite people. I just went to a Thai restaurant called Song in New York. It was a great vibe. The food was great, the price was right, and the crowd was diverse. They has a DJ that played old school hip hop while you ate. And of course, you know I host monthly potlucks at my home which bring together people from all walks of life to share and learn from one another by seeking to nourish people physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

4. Goals in Groups
Alcoholics Anonymous is perhaps the world's best personal development organization, helping over 2 million alcoholics heal worldwide. Last November, I attending an AA Thanksgiving celebration at one of their meeting places and it was amazing to see people of different classes, cultures, ages, genders, and sexual orientation come together to heal one another. AA and its sister organizations like Gambler's Anonymous show me that personal development is not personal.

5. Life & Death Situations
Though they aren't the healthiest circumstances to unite around, life and death situations bring people together. The impending threat of global warming is requiring that the everyone work together to change our consumption patterns and lifestyles. If we don't, we die. Whether we like it or not, the Universe will always push us toward unity, for unity is programmed into its design.

Do you have any other ideas...

6. Soccer 7. Higher Education 8. The internet 9....?

I pray for the United State of the World.


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