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Notorious BIG 11th Year Anniversary

On March 9, 1997, Brooklyn-born hip hop artist, Notorious BIG, was shot and killed in Los Angeles at the age of 24. As a libation to the Notorious BIG and 2Pac, I have poured out this poem in remembrance of their spirits.

Two Thugs Talking
Quiz: How many BIG & Pac songs you can find in the poem?

I gotta story to tell
Shorty (S) wanted to be a thug
He had the heart of men
And his mind was made up
The notorious thug (NT)

NT: “I ain’t mad at you
I love the dough
That’s why I kicked in the door
Come with me
And lets run the streets
Two of America’s most wanted
For just one week”

S: “What’s beef?”

NT: “That’s when we make ni#ga$ bleed
When it comes to trading war stories
They can’t see me”

S: “I wondered why they call you skandalouz?
The world’s filled with playa haters
How you handle it?”

NT: “Well in my eyes, this little candle lit
Hypnotized I realized sky’s the limit
But my ambitions as a rida
And my thug passion
Let me astray from
The 10 commandments
I pictured myself rollin’
With no more pain
But in the end
I lost as much or more than I gained
You’d rather be me
And I’d rather be ya
See all I have is California love
God loves you
and only God can judge me
There’re people who miss you
Whereas nobody loves me”

NT: “Life goes on
but everyday somebody’s got to die
with that nasty boy mentality
Life might f%#k you tonight
If it is your last day
And it’s check out time
Holla at me in heaven
Heaven ain’t hard 2 find”

S: “What’s your phone number?
So I can give you call
I like it when we ride”

NT: “Well ridin’s my downfall
It ain’t all about you
But how do you want it?”

S: “All eyes on me”

NT: “Aight, then take 2 in your stomach
Forget life after death
I’m going back to Cali
Mo money mo problems
Another brother for the tally

NT: You think you’re nobody
until somebody kills you
so you’re tryna do it BIG
so that you can feel cool
but you’re bright like the light
just let it fill you
It’s a long kiss goodnight
Or to life
but you choose
all the fame and fortune
is just an interlude
cause while you’re chasing it
the movie keeps making moves
this is your debut
so all that’s left to do
is be you, be true
and find your inner groove”

See the answer to the quiz question here.


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