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I want to thank all of my editors who made the time to endure the roughness of my rough draft. I had missing and misspelled words, incomplete thoughts, poor punctuation, and bad grammar all over. That's why it helps to have a few sets of eyes. Each reader found something new to edit, add, or delete. I'm trying to include as many people as possible in the co-creation of the work of art because I want to make sure that it truly transforms people.

Imagine doing this for 120 pages. It's taking me about 6-8 hours to go through each person's feedback. After going through 6 people's feedback over the past 2 weeks, I already know that the book is 10 times better. Below is what one edited page looks like and below that is the edited excerpt from the book.

Here's page 9 from the book:

You can tell more about a person by what they search for than what they have. If they already had what they needed, they wouldn't be searching for it. Instead of asking someone "Are you searching?" a better question is 'What are you searching for?" We're always searching for something. What you are search for tells someone where you are going which is more important than where you landed, where you are, or where you have been. What we search for inevitably drives our consciousness and consumption because we search for things we don’t have and therefore must want. The world we see today is simply a manifestation of yesterday’s thoughts and aspirations. Thus, we must be careful what we invest our physical and thought energy into today for it will inevitably become our reality tomorrow.

Most people's search for purpose begins outside of themselves, looking to people and places to help them find it. Often times our parents project their fears, disguised as hopes for us, from an early age. Parents tend to unconsciously carve a path for us instead of laying the foundation for us to carve our own. They plan our childhoods based on what they think made them or their peers successful. Instead of asking if you wanted to play the piano, they probably just signed you up for lessons and told you to go, and then got mad at you for not liking it. Our parents just want us to be safe and secure. They see their job as our protectors. However safety doesn't necessarily mean happiness. They are just acting out of love even if you may disagree. Then there is the teacher or counselor that said what you could or couldn't do based on your academic records and their short 45-minute interactions with you during your high school or college career. Finally, there are those assessment tests that claim to tell you the career that will fit you the best in 30 minutes or less. For the sake of this process, simply put everyone else’s projections of you in the backseat of your mind where backseat drivers should be. You may look to them later but you won’t need them now.

Great quest-ions lead to great quest. My hope is to narrow your search for purpose by simply channeling your curiosity to questions that matter like: who am I? What's my purpose? Why am I here? People all over the world are seeking to find meaning and answer these questions in church, at work, through volunteering, etc. You may have a purpose at work, but your professional self is only a fraction of your entire self. When I use the word 'narrow', my intention isn’t to shrink (as in make smaller and less impactful) your purpose. By 'narrow', I mean to focus (as in concentrate power to create more force and impact) your purpose so that it’s more powerful and effective. Your keywords will be unique clues for your quest and they will provide you with a starting point for the rest of your journey beyond this book.

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  1. boristech Says:
  2. The humility with which you accept other people's critique is a lesson.


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